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Industrial Product Design - Reverse Engineering - Product Styling
CNC made prototypes - SLA SLS - Stereolithography - Rapid Prototyping - Wood patterns
Die Molds Manufacturing
Tool manufacturing - Plastic Injection Molds / Rubber Injection Molds
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Thinking to launch your next Product ?

Hongyi JIG Rapid Technology Co. Ltd. (HJIG) is a combined endeavor of HONGYI (China) and JIG (Jagdeep Industrial Graphics, INDIA) to facilitate and improvise the product development companies by using advanced technologies. Hongyi JIG has exhibited extraordinary services in industrial product designing and development by manufacturing and delivering quality products. We have a specialized team of dedicated product designers to take care of product development life cycle ensuring the specific results of research and development to end Product quality.

Combined collaboration of China and India to deliver high-class quality by using sophisticated technology:-

Hongyi JIG concentrates on building up innovation capabilities. It entails a combination of different approaches—innovating processes, globalised value supply chains and well-integrated interwoven systems to offer products /services at reasonable price within the specific time limit.

Hongyi JIG forte lies in:-

  • Product Development
  • Product / Services Sourcing

Product Development

  • Industrial Product Design: transforms a concept into reality and helps in making a product aesthetically appealing and manufacturable after extensively studying the market.
  • Prototyping: is an early sample or model built to test a concept or process or to act as a thing to be replicated and learned from. A prototype is manufactured to test and trial a new design. It enhances precision by system analysts and users. Prototyping serves to provide specifications for a real, working system rather than a theoretical one.
  • Dies and Molds manufacturing: We specialize in making Plastic Injection Molds, Compression Molds, Blow Molds, hot runner molds, insert molds, single cavity and Multi cavities molds, Precision plastic Molds, unscrew molds, the products of mold range including: Automotive parts, medical, Cosmetic & Packaging, Electrical, home appliance, Industrial parts, OA, etc.
  • Production: The Quality Assurance staff at Hongyi JIG has prepared a barrier of quality check for new and existing suppliers of manufacturing based purchased goods. Its purpose is to define the approval process of new or revised parts, or parts resulting from new or significantly revised production methods. As a supplier, it is our responsibility to ensure that we ship only parts that have been approved and meet specifications.

Sourcing (Product / Services)

We have a group of professionals in procuring products from China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, UK and Europe. We source, scrutinize, and dispatch products directly to you. Product Sourcing Services give you the security and comfort irrespective of placing an order for the first time or seeking an expert opinion to make things simpler and organized. Our objective is to find reliable factories manufacturing products at a competitive price and have it delivered to you.

Company History

  • The Industrial Product Design services and Product Tooling consultancy was established in 1995.
  • It initiated specialized machining and industrial machining in the field of Die and Molds in 2003.
  • In 2006, it started manufacturing complete Dies and Molds.
  • It established prototyping and molds manufacturing solutions at Xiamen and Shenzhen (China) in 2008.
  • It started offshoring and industrial product sourcing from China, Taiwan, Korea, UK and Europe in 2010.
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