Tooling with Planning & Commitment

Commercial Proposal for Tooling

Once part design is ready we offer a techno commercial proposal with all the milestones and deliverables. It takes 1-2 working days to our engineers.


Part Drawing
Tool life / Tool material
No. of cavities/ Production Target
Special surface treatments


Assuring customer’s project is produced to customer’s standards and requests. During this period we keep you updated about sending you the progress of tool manufacturing through an excel sheet and pictures of current process. It gives a clear idea about your project progress and confidence of time bound deliveries avoiding all the surprises.

Project Management

Project management is the key to the success and quality of the products A Project Engineer who has rich knowledge in tooling and injection molding is appointed for each project. All of them have a good command of English. The project engineers is responsible to follow up tooling schedule and timely report to the customer on any issues and progress of the project he is handling. The project engineer also guarantees that customer’s technical requirement is followed.

Project Management Objectives

Support from concept to final part.

Mold material Selection with Tool Life and Application

Mold designers consider a variety of factors when selecting the mold metal including,  machining ease, weld ability, abrasion resistance, hardness, corrosion resistance, and durability. Metals can range from the soft, low-melt-temperature alloys used in  inexpensive, cast-metal, prototype molds to the porous metal used in vent inserts. Metals are chosen based not only on the cost, manufacturing, and performance requirements of the mold or component, but also on the experience and comfort level of the mold design and construction shop.

On Time Delivery

We assure the on time delivery as per planned. We generate a molding machine parameter report which support you running the mold at your factory. The lead time for T0 which we quote, usually starts from the approval on the tool designs till the rst mold trial. We arrange sending you the T1 samples for approval in 3 working days, Most of the time T1 samples do not need to be modified still in case if there is some modification it is always subjected to the possibilities and work for the time. It takes usually 4-7 working days to finish the mold. We deliver the molds in wood packaging according the terms of deliveries which may

Tooling with Skill and Accuracy

Our Project Engineers can also identify ways to cut-down program lead-times, while also avoiding program pitfalls through early problem detection for which we then work quickly to solve. The nal result: benchmark improvements for your product quality and process efficiency through total and proactive support for plastic molding engineering.

Plastic Injection Mold Engineering at HJIG is a vitally integrated part of our operation. Our engineering support provides design responsible advantages for mold design and plastic part design at whatever service level is needed. We can provide targeted assistance to support your total turnkey project

Injection Molds

  • Consumer Product
  • Automotive
  • Packaging
  • Electronics
  • Electrocal Appliances
  • Home Appliances
  • Medical

Rubber Molds

  • Compression molds
  • Rubber Injection
  • molds
  • Automative
  • Medical

Pressure Die Cast

  • Aluminum Die Cast
  • Zinc Die Cast
  • Automotive
  • Electricals


  • Inspection Fixtures
  • Clamping Fixtures
  • Guages for CMM

Principles Of Our Work

Tooling with Workmanship

We are continuously improving our mold manufacturing quality, and have implemented a quality management system to control mold manufacturing processes. Our reputation is based on  quality and advanced technology, and we can easily meet customers’ product requirements.

Tooling Partners

Mold Steel:
ASSAB(Sweden), DAIDO (Japan), FINKL (America), AUBERT & DUVAL
(France), Thyssen (Germany), LKM (China)
Mold Base:
Hot Runner:
Standard Parts:

White Goods

Our Clients

Tooling with Design and Planning

Hongyi JIG - Plastic Injection Mould Manufacturer in India
Hongyi JIG - Plastic Injection Mould Manufacturer in India

The Part drawing or 3d models of the components need to validate before sending for tool design. Tool design includes complete detailing required for shop door level management for manufacturing in format and standards of the client. With our years of experience in this field, we can suggest and recommend better designs and processes that help clients to make maximum quality, productivity and cost benefit. We have been providing tool-engineering services for various applications in Automobile, Appliance and General Engineering industry. With expertise in manufacturing we can provide total solutions for CNC machining, electrodes design, electrodes-manufacturing requirements. Our engineers are experts in AutoCAD, Pro/E, UG, Solid-works, and Master-CAM software, including in mold flow analysis.