injection mould manufacturer

Currunt Openings

Sourcing Co-ordinator

Priority to related fields

  • Proficiency with computers including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet.
  • Able to do international procurement/sourcing, in a manufacturing environment, managing complex supply relationships through active supplier management, and contributes actively to the development of new concepts, techniques and standard.
  •  Able to have Supplier identification, qualification, development, and selection processes to get the RFQ Quotations.
  • The ultimate deliverable from the position is to have the global Supplier network deliver competitive costs, high levels of quality, on-time delivery of moulds. Measuring and managing supplier performance, consistent with the Corporate Supplier Management Processes;
  • Master Supplier Agreement (MSA) coordination with suppliers (FOB pricing – finished goods and spare parts; manufacturing lead-times; tooling costs and ownership; payment terms, warranty rebates, etc.);
  • Must Visit key suppliers to manage projects, develop relationships, and ensure that the company is properly prioritized and valued by the supplier.
  • Must develops and maintains professional, ethical and cordial relationships with all suppliers. An appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture and business protocol is strongly preferred.
  •  She should be able toIdentifying cost saving opportunities;
  • Able to make Quotations, Performa Invoices, Purchase Orders.
  • Able to maintain records of Suppliers list & other necessary documents.
  • Excellent understanding of CRM Principles.
  • Must be able to perform in a fast-paced, goal-oriented, and time-sensitive environment.
  • She must have Strong analytical & problem solving skill. Mature, independent, organized with good interpersonal skills;
  • She must be Self-motivated, good team work and able to work independently;
  • Must have Good communication and presentation skills, Fluent& good written English

Please noted

  • The candidate will be under Initial training of 3-6 months with Hongyi JIG.
  • After the completion of Training period, candidate will be under the direct reporting of seniors and will be under the working bond of 3 years with HJIG for not to leaving the job. HJIG will keep the original documents of candidate at the time of appointment.
  • The candidate will be willing to travel abroad in china for the project execution whenever the opportunity occurs.